Shoreline of the Heart, Having Lived and Crafting Wings

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Having Lived Cover copy.jpeg

Shanti Arts, 2019

A perfect volume for the seeker and philosopher, this third collection from poet Joseph Murphy offers impressionistic expressions of day-to-day experiences viewed through the spiritual lens of Zen Buddhism.

“In such a place, to be
meant no longer being bound
to where or when." 

Kelsay Books, 2018

Murphy’s second collection of poetry leads us quietly through a land of his memories, giving us glimpses of family, friends, streets, towns, ships, and events large and small that have shaped his life. As the book progresses, the reader has a sense of the poet having traveled great distances, emotionally and spiritually, with the haunting power and energy of his imagery. Murphy’s subtle grasp of our contemporary lives is revealed through his accessible and well-written poetry.

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Scars Publications, 2017

Murphy’s first collection of poetry is fresh, moving and contemporary. He creates a distinct and detailed personal world that leads the reader into a quiet, but luminous reality. Eschewing the flamboyant for the precise, Murphy pares each diverse subject down to its essence, creating a calm, atmospheric and approachable poetry.